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Currently Research Projects

Affective Computing in Human Living Environments - Future Lab, Tsinghua University

This project plans to study the theory and method of multimodal affective computing and its application in a human habitat. Using video, voice and other input channels, we obtain the facial expressions, body postures, speech semantics, and other characteristics of humans in a habitat. classified and annotated into a database of human affects, which can open new research explorations in natural human-computer interaction applications in an intelligent human living environments.



Collaboration in AI Drawing - Collaboration and Innovation Laboratory, Pennsylvania State University

The aim of the project is to explore human collaboration and knowledge transmission in AI drawing tasks, i.e., how human users can collaborate with each other, encourage innovation, etc. in this environment. This is an ongoing project.

Computational Aesthetics - Future Lab, Tsinghua University

This study combines aesthetic principles in design with computable image features and, via optimizing a series of key problems, integrates experts' prior knowledge in visual presentation, text semantics, design principles, and cognitive understanding into the multimedia computing framework that facilitates computable automatic design.